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Enhanced Security with Society Management System

Terrifying incidents fill the news bulletins every other day and newspaper headlines shout of petrifying homicide accidents from all over the country. These perils, whether real or superficial, have formed heightened security concerns across cities. It is foreseeable that the demand for sophisticated security systems and services is on the rise in every gated community. Just when the necessity for a modern security solution in housing society arises, a society management system comes to the rescue.

In gated community settings, the first concern is still the safety and security of the residents. The element of gatekeeper – like services present in gated communities provide a careful balance that’s sustained through a dedicated focus on customer service, response, professional personnel, and broad security offerings.

The present-day residents are increasingly tech-savvy, aware, and informed as compared to the past. They look forward to high-end security solutions that are comprehensive and cater to an integrated mix of prevention, response, intervention, and life-safety. Not to mention, they also require smart security solutions with all the technological bells and whistles. These aspects have vividly transformed the role of security providers today.

Technologies deployed for security in gated communities have undergone many changes. From the rudimentary systems like a buzzer ringing in case of an incorrect code punch or control panels which had cryptic codes to smart systems such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Home Kit; there now exists biometrics like facial recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, Video surveillance, smart visitor management system for gated communities, and so on. Let us learn how gated communities and societies leverage the latest technology for improved security.

Facial Recognition

Whether one wants to recognize, identify, or verify an individual, a camera with facial recognition technology makes an efficient solution. Facial recognition technology works explicitly in four steps. Setting up databases of familiar faces, Face-print detection, Face-print verification, and send alerts if an unfamiliar face is detected. Several gated communities make use of this technology to identify authorized figures or potential perpetrators.

This technology perfectly complements the prevailing surveillance system, augmenting security in real-time. Benefits of facial-recognition security system:

  • Enhances the level of security in the gated communities.
  • Detects pets and other animals as well.
  • Delivers more accurate recognition performance.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition technology leverages a person’s retina to make accurate human verification and authentication, making use of pattern recognition technology. Just like a fingerprint and face impression of a person remains constant during their lifetime; an individual’s iris pattern also remains constant. The iris scanner takes images of either one or both irises and picks up unique patterns that are invisible to the naked eye. It further matches them with the prevailing iris patterns of people stored in the database. It can work in various templates like one-to-one or one-to-many verification. Iris recognition accumulates roughly 240 biometric features, the integration of which are unique to every individual’s eye. Iris scanning technology demonstrates to be secure, reliable, and claims an error-free authentication amongst all other biometric verification technologies and is utilized for a real-time authentication process. Benefits of iris-recognition technology:

  • The exclusivity of iris patterns provides improved accuracy.
  • Iris recognition cannot be forged or modified.
  • It offers better scalability and speed.

Video Surveillance

CCTV has been one of the most primitive entrants in the security solutions market. Maintaining relatively low costs of installation, gated communities have been investing heavily in the concept of monitoring and tracking down on crime in their vicinity. CCTV camera comes with a monitor that broadcasts recorded images. Cameras and monitors allow you to view every activity live, and recorders archive footage for later reference. These videotapes from rich sources of data (and of course legal evidence).Benefits of CCTV technology:

  • Acts as a visual crime deterrent.
  • Monitors every activity happening on the premise.

Fingerprint Recognition

Although the traditional methods like locks and keys are still existing, gated communities have begun switching to security solutions like biometric fingerprint gate locks, due to dangers associated with conventional methods. The biometric sensor in the system captures the person’s fingerprint using technologies like thermal, optical, and ultrasound as a part of the authorization process. It accumulates the pattern of the fingerprints and stores it in the database. For subsequent entries, the authorized person must provide the same fingerprint to be scanned, and only then access to the community will be granted. Benefits of finger-print recognition:

  • Convenient and Scalable.
  • Speedy identification and authentication on-the-go.
  • Highly precise and accurate.

Smart Visitor Management Systems

Electronic visitor management systems are the most recent and advanced means of handling security at the gated communities. A smart visitor management system manages the entry and exit of visitors and domestic help facilitates real-time tracking, digitizes management of delivery materials and delivery boys, vendors, and cabs; allows access to visitor history and helps manage and allocate on-ground staff; while eliminating delays and manual errors. Benefits of Visitor Management System:

  • On-site transparency.
  • Threat mitigation.
  • Eliminates paperwork and Reduces Cost.

Where do we go from here?

A strong society management system is a must for gated communities; walls and gates alone cannot ensure security to residents of apartments. Hence, there is a critical requirement for gated communities to pave way for simple, comprehensive, and smart technology solutions that cater to modern gate management challenges like real-time domestic help management, instant security alert, digital validation of all visitors, and many more.

A good security system empowers the gated communities’ on being vigilant, focuses on enhancing the standard of living, and ultimately empowers the residents to cherish their time at home, secure in the knowledge that their community is safe.

Vitalize Gated Societies with Innovative Visitor Management System

In recent times, the walled version of a real estate; the gated communities are in great rising demand. A Gated community is a well-planned housing property, with a well-controlled and protected environment. Within the millennial generation, this type of housing plan is a promising option with the type of lifestyle, environment, and luxury it offers. But with great luxury comes great accountability. The walled societies require an even more sophisticated security system; just like a modern visitor management system.

The exceedingly popular gated community living is fast replacing the conventional real estate. The idea of a safe and secure lifestyle is luring more and more people towards it.

Life in a gated community has its own set of pros and cons. But for the smooth running of the social security and resolution of society maintenance issues, implementation of a digital solution is necessary. Let’s discuss some of the most common problems faced by society and people living in a gated community go through on a daily basis.

Problems faced by societies without a Visitor Management System:


When looking for a new property, people usually look for a place that has closer proximity to the nearby market and local public amenities. But, most gated communities are often located at inaccessible locations. Being located at the outlying areas with limited facilities available nearby, people living in these communities find it challenging to commute to long distances. The lack of availability of public transport means that they have to necessarily own a vehicle and drive out for offices, markets, and other facilities. Some of the amenities may be available within the gates of the community but they have to travel distances for work and other social activities.

Expensive Housing

Developers that are less flexible with their prices build gated properties. Therefore, the housing has a higher value as compared to the typical neighborhood. The price is inclusive of all the extravagant things within the walls, like the golf courses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

The expensive homes and the lavish facilities might become positive if one’s financial status makes them capable to afford it all.


The biggest concern of home owners is their security. When buying a house in a gated community, people generally have an idea of the community being a safe option. It is seen that the crime rate in gated communities is no less than that of a traditional housing society. The reasons for thefts and crimes in these communities can be numerous. The illusion of the high walls and iron gates tends people to put their guard down which makes them vulnerable to theft and other crimes. The conventional security and maintenance methods are prone to failure. They can be easily manipulated and tampered; therefore, the gated communities need a foolproof technology for keeping people safe within the walls. An upgraded and innovative housing society security system will definitely prove to be an effective solution for security issues.

Maintenance & Restrictions

Luxury apartment houses within the walls of gated communities are associated with a high cost of living. This additional cost of living includes higher property taxes, maintenance of the outdoors, aesthetics, pools, gymnasiums, etc. and to add to it, you may also need to pay the homeowner’s association/membership fees.

Also, house owners are restricted to the rules and regulations of the community pertaining to making structural changes to the property, limited car parking space, and being forced to maintain the set standards by the community. The rules of a gated community can be stringent, but people find them negotiable and accept it as a part of the luxury and lifestyle that comes with it. The availability of round the clock services comes at a price but it’s all worth the peace of mind. Residential society management software seems to be a perfect solution for all maintenance and admin woes, and it comes with substantially reduced society maintenance charges.


Being monitored at all times of the day might help regulate the crime rate but gets very uncomfortable for the people living inside the gated community. Having a guard around 24/7, monitoring each and every visitor and activity gives a sense of privacy lost. Also, relatives and visitors waiting for approval at the entry gate without a proper security and management system can get really frustrating for the homeowner as well as the visitor. The condition worsens during a holiday or a festival, when long queues of visitors’ line up for security check-in at the gate and need to fill in their details in the traditional registers to get through the premises.

Visitor management software is required to make things easier and comfortable in such a situation. Not only will it provide a well-managed digital log of visitors but also verify their identification, making the overall process safe and secure.


Gated communities may have all the amenities present inside the walls but they tend to isolate the residents from the rest of the World. In social terms, the gates and walls of the apartment building separate the residents from the surrounding area, making them detached and confined. The outside appearance of a calm and peaceful environment might actually be because of the exclusivity and isolation.

Summing Up

Hence, there may be some downsides of living in a gated community, but it’s a no brainer that the benefits totally outweigh them. Gated communities can fulfill the needs and desires for a luxurious lifestyle, but a reliable security system is the inflexible need of the hour. A visitor monitoring software will help streamline the visitor management process and ensure a much needed layer of security to the gated communities.

BeepnVisit’s sophisticated housing society security system encompasses every security and maintenance related need of a gated society. By creating a better and reliable environment for residents and automating every management process, Beep makes way for futuristic and modern housing societies. To find out more, write to us at or call us at +91-9879948000

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and securityJodi Rell

Need of Visitor Management System (VMS) – 3 Dilemmas, One Solution

Living in a digital world and having outdated processes around you is a passé. Technology has taken over almost every aspect of an individual life, be it the workspace, domestic environment, or the community they live in. A gated or a residential complex can be considered a cross-section of the society, security being its major concern. A technology comprehensively covering its major concerns, need to secure these societies and manage them to make their life easier.

Society Management System is the new buzz word, and everyone is talking about the benefits the platform entails. The ease provides the property owners and management within a single platform is inexplicable. Previously complicated actions like resident security, logbooks maintenance, staff management, etc. took a lot of time and effort. To smoothly accomplish theses, utilizing a society management software will do the trick.


Visitor Management System in Housing Complexes

A Visitor Management System perfectly illustrates how technology helps to manage a residential complex, is convenient against the hassles of members. The modern needs of the modern mindset include better features, administration, access, etc., to ensure a hassle-free life.

Most modern housing complexes have deployed a VMS in their society that is efficiently monitoring their security. In addition to this, it is also a great help in managing the premise and staff. The platform is of excessive assistance in routine administration and facilitates the record-keeping of streamlined real-time society data. Consequently, this will save a significant amount of energy, time, and money. Such platforms have a power-packed range of features to curb the daily hassles of residents and society management. Also, these platforms are proving to be a boon for the real estate industry.

Society feels the need of a visitor management system when the administration goes down. However, even after all the efforts, the housing societies find it challenging to manually carry out even the menial tasks of maintenance.

Let us take a look at the major challenges faced by society administration.

Hassles of Residents

Children and elderly security

One of the major concerns of the residents is the security of their loved ones. When it comes to the safety of the elderly and children, putting up a security system that verifies every visitor entering society. Such technology will take off the stress of leaving them behind at home.

Maid’s whereabouts

The universal problem residents face with a common maid is wondering about their whereabouts. A solution that offers live tracking of the domestic help, solves the dilemma.

Order delivery status

The un-traceable status of the delivery courier is another problem area. Moreover, a serious challenge arises when the host is away and the package arrives without a pre-approval. If a pre-approval or a drop-off system was in place, this problem wouldn’t arise.

Notice boards

In a high-speed life of this digital era, there’s no time to stop and look at a notice board. People expect regular alerts of what’s happening around them, but at their smartphones. Subsequently, without a solution to this problem, they miss out on a lot of important announcements and activities around them.

Unwanted visitors

The nuisance and disturbance created by unannounced visitors is a hassle for the residents. However, if a system is in place that announces the arrival of a guest will prove to be a major problem solver. The system that seeks the host’s permission before letting anyone in creates a fool-proof security layer that keeps intruders away.

Hassles of Visitors

Manual entries

When visiting a society, a person has to go through a series of verification and security checks, again and again. All of this is for the security of the residents but is posed as a challenge to the visitor. But a VMS reduces the waiting period at the gate to a minimal. A digital record-keeping facility and a feature allowing pre-approval through the VMS is efficient enough to accomplish that.

Repeat registrations

For frequent visitors, like friends, family, and couriers, it’s a struggle to manually enter and register every time they visit the society. The struggle to get approval by the host in time and then getting stuck at the gate doing manual entries takes up a lot of time. A cloud database that stores all visitor date will save a lot of time.

Hassles of Management

Visitor logs

The conventional method of manual entries slows down every process in this digital era. And collating the information, tracking it, and maintaining the record is another setback for the management. The space that these records occupy and the time it consumes to access them can be minimized. All of this is achievable with the digital record-keeping feature of a visitor management system. In short, the connectivity and the user-friendly accessibility of a system is the need of the hour.

Data security

Management handling visitor information, frequently face a serious security threat of the loss of private data to the wrong hands. The sensitive data can fall prey to online phishing attacks and cause serious trouble. Therefore, deploying a system storing the visitor records securely on the cloud, to curb these threats, a VMS poses great help.

Society management

Running and managing a society has its share of problems and hassles. From managing the staff to the maintenance of log, reports, and communicating, handling residents’ grievances is a task. But, working with a solution that aids in handling the tasks within a platform proves to be of great help.

Unwanted intruders/trespassers

When a society does not verify every visitor, it can raise security concerns for the residents. A solution to this problem is adding a visitor management system that verifies every visitor and creates a database profile. Certainly, this adds another layer of security, reducing the risks factor to zero.

Ineffective communication channels

Handling the communication between the residents and the management can be tricky without a proper platform. The traditional notice boards are no longer effective in communicating as people don’t have the time to read them. As a result, important events and happenings get missed. With a digital solution that alerts the residents on their smartphones is the way to go and grow.

The Takeaway

Modern times require a security system that encompasses every challenge that is associated with it. The complicated security of the housing and the commercial complexes need a foolproof security system in place. This solution also verifies every visitor and keeps a track of them, minimizes the security threats. Not just the security, a VMS also handles other tasks of premise management. In this scenario, a visitor management solution like BeepnVisit is the right choice.

Beep Visitor Management System

Beep Visitor Management System assists in tracking, managing visitors, daily visits, and securing the premise with a reliable system. We provide you with software that verifies every visit with Aadhaar authentication and leaves nothing to chance. In addition, Beep maintains a cloud database record for safekeeping and future purposes and creates a smooth entry and exit system.

There cannot be any loopholes when it comes to the security of your loved ones! Secure your premise with the seamlessly effective solution BeepnVisit, and sit back and relax.

Society Management System: Creating Convenience for Societies

The fundamental objective of any Visitor Management framework is to accurately process and track visitors. The catalyst might differ from site to site yet the binding principle, in any case, is the same. Finding a way for the management and ensuring security by confining access will do the trick.

When deploying a Visitor Management framework, it makes sense that you realize what you’re getting. Therefore, to achieve extra security and readily track who’s on your premises, deploying a VMS will help. But that isn’t all!

Besides giving premises a method to track one’s location at any time, a Visitor Management System gives some additional advantages.

Security has been on the highest priority on need rundown of every housing society nowadays. Be it a school, hospital, residential complex or a corporate hub, the need to manage and screen guests is rudimentary. The conventional methods of recording details, for example, filling in the details in manual entry books existed for long, yet they are not totally efficient. Alongside security, comes ease for both the residents and the administration, in terms of simple registration and premise management.

Benefits of a Society Management System

Security has been on the highest priority on need rundown of every housing society nowadays. Therefore, be it a school, hospital, residential complex, or a corporate hub, the need to manage and screen guests is rudimentary. The conventional methods of recording details like, manual entries in logbooks existed for long, yet they are not efficient. Alongside security, comes comfort for both the residents and the administration, in terms of simple registration and premise management.

A developing trend among the residents living in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities hints towards a growing preference for gated communities over single housing. The reason behind this lies in the security offered by the gated communities. However, in reality, a lot of these have been in a woeful situation. The needs of the modern-day resident require features that create convenience with its use. An efficient Society Management System impeccably demonstrates how technology can assist in better management of a residential complex. It also increases the ease factor for every member of the society and the visitors too.

Housing complexes these days utilize a system that keeps a check on their security. Furthermore, the system of great assistance in managing the premise and its staff too. In other words, a Visitor Management System is a significant help in freeing up a substantial amount of time of staff, money, and efforts. Routine administration and streamlined record-keeping of society data in real-time with VMS can help achieve the desired results. Certainly, the convenience and benefits that a VMS provides have proven to be of great advantage to the real estate industry.

Let’s look at some of these benefits:

Convenience for Residents

Convenience for Residents

  • Pre-approved Visitor Entry

    The host is enabled with pre-authorizing the visit. With this feature, when a guest arrives, there’s no hassle or the need to follow up with the gatekeeper. The convenience with this feature is extended to the visitors and the gatekeepers too. Consequently, the time involved in completing the formalities and the follow-ups are next to zero.

  • Single Portal for Grievance Handling

    Having a closed in-house grievance handling system within the app enables the residents to escalate their grievances to the management. The zero-hassle solution solves their issues on a timely basis. The management is notified through this about any issues faced by the residents and follow-ups easily, enabling seamless interaction. Creating a lot of ease for the residents, the issues are handled in a time-bound manner and efficiently.

  • Single Announcement Board

    Instant information about important announcements and that too when you’re on the go, there’s nothing better than that. The digital push notifications on the app notify the host about the guest’s arrival. But, is not limited to just that. It also informs the members about various events and activities within the society. With the pop-ups, a resident never misses out on any events or happenings, big or small.

  • Pre-approved Deliveries

    Missing the delivery guy or failed delivery attempts are highly inconvenient if not irritating. With an enabled vacation mode, the host allows the gatekeeper to accept the packages on behalf of their behalf. As a result, these pre-approvals save time, money and, eliminate any headache of following up for the missed deliveries.

Convenience for Visitors

Convenience for Visitors

  • Pre-approved Check-in

    The hassle-free walk in through the gates is a great relief for the visitors. This feature allows them to get approvals beforehand and skip the formalities at the gate. Certainly, this saves up a lot of time for them and reduces unnecessary annoyances.

  • One Time Visitor Registration

    Guests that frequently visits the society have to go through a lot of trouble with registration formalities, on every visit. This feature saves their data post-registration, eliminating the need for refilling the details on the next visit.

  • Automated Entry

    The conventional pen and register entry at the gate are a thing of the past. The tech-savvy world is looking for automation in everything, including the manual entries at the gate. Getting rid of the traditional register has freed up a significant amount of space and time. Consequently, the processes get simpler and easier at the same time.

  • Data Access Encryption

    One of the biggest concerns that come with personal data stored digitally, is the security. So, when an individual’s data is entered, there’s an unavoidable threat of phishing. But, with an encrypted system that secures the data on the cloud there’s nothing to worry about.

Convenience for Society Management

Convenience for Society Management

  • Residents, Members & Security Personnel Management

    Managing visitors and visitor data isn’t the only task at hand for the society management. Managing the staff allocated within the society, members, and the security personnel also takes a lot of time and effort. However, these management tasks get simpler and easier with a visitor management system.

  • Property Management

    Premise surveillance and space management are two important tasks for the administration. The seamless two-way communication enabled, in addition to the easy operations, makes the life of an admin easy.

  • Data Management

    The heaps of data that clutters the admin desk takes up huge efforts and time to sort and manage. To de-cluttering their desk and minimizing the stress levels, managers are getting a proper digital system that helps them in record and database management.

  • Announcement Board and Chat Platform

    Staying in touch with the society members, handling and resolving requests and grievances get simpler with an inclusive platform. Communicating actively and increasing social attendance gets swifter with this feature.

The Takeaway

To sum up, the need of a visitor management system that encompassing all the aspects is now more than ever. An efficient VMS should cover security, visitor tracking, premise and parking management and communication. It’s about time that societies adopt a VMS and replace the old processes with quick and competent technology-driven operations.