Enhanced Security with Society Management System

26 Feb 2021

Terrifying incidents fill the news bulletins every other day and newspaper headlines shout of petrifying homicide accidents from all over the country. These perils, whether real or superficial, have formed heightened security concerns across cities. It is foreseeable that the demand for sophisticated security systems and services is on the rise in every gated community. Just when the necessity for a modern security solution in housing society arises, a society management system comes to the rescue.

In gated community settings, the first concern is still the safety and security of the residents. The element of gatekeeper – like services present in gated communities provide a careful balance that’s sustained through a dedicated focus on customer service, response, professional personnel, and broad security offerings.

The present-day residents are increasingly tech-savvy, aware, and informed as compared to the past. They look forward to high-end security solutions that are comprehensive and cater to an integrated mix of prevention, response, intervention, and life-safety. Not to mention, they also require smart security solutions with all the technological bells and whistles. These aspects have vividly transformed the role of security providers today.

Technologies deployed for security in gated communities have undergone many changes. From the rudimentary systems like a buzzer ringing in case of an incorrect code punch or control panels which had cryptic codes to smart systems such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Home Kit; there now exists biometrics like facial recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, Video surveillance, smart visitor management system for gated communities, and so on. Let us learn how gated communities and societies leverage the latest technology for improved security.

Facial Recognition

Whether one wants to recognize, identify, or verify an individual, a camera with facial recognition technology makes an efficient solution. Facial recognition technology works explicitly in four steps. Setting up databases of familiar faces, Face-print detection, Face-print verification, and send alerts if an unfamiliar face is detected. Several gated communities make use of this technology to identify authorized figures or potential perpetrators.

This technology perfectly complements the prevailing surveillance system, augmenting security in real-time. Benefits of facial-recognition security system:

  • Enhances the level of security in the gated communities.
  • Detects pets and other animals as well.
  • Delivers more accurate recognition performance.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition technology leverages a person’s retina to make accurate human verification and authentication, making use of pattern recognition technology. Just like a fingerprint and face impression of a person remains constant during their lifetime; an individual’s iris pattern also remains constant. The iris scanner takes images of either one or both irises and picks up unique patterns that are invisible to the naked eye. It further matches them with the prevailing iris patterns of people stored in the database. It can work in various templates like one-to-one or one-to-many verification. Iris recognition accumulates roughly 240 biometric features, the integration of which are unique to every individual’s eye. Iris scanning technology demonstrates to be secure, reliable, and claims an error-free authentication amongst all other biometric verification technologies and is utilized for a real-time authentication process. Benefits of iris-recognition technology:

  • The exclusivity of iris patterns provides improved accuracy.
  • Iris recognition cannot be forged or modified.
  • It offers better scalability and speed.

Video Surveillance

CCTV has been one of the most primitive entrants in the security solutions market. Maintaining relatively low costs of installation, gated communities have been investing heavily in the concept of monitoring and tracking down on crime in their vicinity. CCTV camera comes with a monitor that broadcasts recorded images. Cameras and monitors allow you to view every activity live, and recorders archive footage for later reference. These videotapes from rich sources of data (and of course legal evidence).Benefits of CCTV technology:

  • Acts as a visual crime deterrent.
  • Monitors every activity happening on the premise.

Fingerprint Recognition

Although the traditional methods like locks and keys are still existing, gated communities have begun switching to security solutions like biometric fingerprint gate locks, due to dangers associated with conventional methods. The biometric sensor in the system captures the person’s fingerprint using technologies like thermal, optical, and ultrasound as a part of the authorization process. It accumulates the pattern of the fingerprints and stores it in the database. For subsequent entries, the authorized person must provide the same fingerprint to be scanned, and only then access to the community will be granted. Benefits of finger-print recognition:

  • Convenient and Scalable.
  • Speedy identification and authentication on-the-go.
  • Highly precise and accurate.

Smart Visitor Management Systems

Electronic visitor management systems are the most recent and advanced means of handling security at the gated communities. A smart visitor management system manages the entry and exit of visitors and domestic help facilitates real-time tracking, digitizes management of delivery materials and delivery boys, vendors, and cabs; allows access to visitor history and helps manage and allocate on-ground staff; while eliminating delays and manual errors. Benefits of Visitor Management System:

  • On-site transparency.
  • Threat mitigation.
  • Eliminates paperwork and Reduces Cost.

Where do we go from here?

A strong society management system is a must for gated communities; walls and gates alone cannot ensure security to residents of apartments. Hence, there is a critical requirement for gated communities to pave way for simple, comprehensive, and smart technology solutions that cater to modern gate management challenges like real-time domestic help management, instant security alert, digital validation of all visitors, and many more.

A good security system empowers the gated communities’ on being vigilant, focuses on enhancing the standard of living, and ultimately empowers the residents to cherish their time at home, secure in the knowledge that their community is safe.

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