Need of Visitor Management System (VMS) – 3 Dilemmas, One Solution

20 Dec 2020

Living in a digital world and having outdated processes around you is a passé. Technology has taken over almost every aspect of an individual life, be it the workspace, domestic environment, or the community they live in. A gated or a residential complex can be considered a cross-section of the society, security being its major concern. A technology comprehensively covering its major concerns, need to secure these societies and manage them to make their life easier.

Society Management System is the new buzz word, and everyone is talking about the benefits the platform entails. The ease provides the property owners and management within a single platform is inexplicable. Previously complicated actions like resident security, logbooks maintenance, staff management, etc. took a lot of time and effort. To smoothly accomplish theses, utilizing a society management software will do the trick.


Visitor Management System in Housing Complexes

A Visitor Management System perfectly illustrates how technology helps to manage a residential complex, is convenient against the hassles of members. The modern needs of the modern mindset include better features, administration, access, etc., to ensure a hassle-free life.

Most modern housing complexes have deployed a VMS in their society that is efficiently monitoring their security. In addition to this, it is also a great help in managing the premise and staff. The platform is of excessive assistance in routine administration and facilitates the record-keeping of streamlined real-time society data. Consequently, this will save a significant amount of energy, time, and money. Such platforms have a power-packed range of features to curb the daily hassles of residents and society management. Also, these platforms are proving to be a boon for the real estate industry.

Society feels the need of a visitor management system when the administration goes down. However, even after all the efforts, the housing societies find it challenging to manually carry out even the menial tasks of maintenance.

Let us take a look at the major challenges faced by society administration.

Hassles of Residents

Children and elderly security

One of the major concerns of the residents is the security of their loved ones. When it comes to the safety of the elderly and children, putting up a security system that verifies every visitor entering society. Such technology will take off the stress of leaving them behind at home.

Maid’s whereabouts

The universal problem residents face with a common maid is wondering about their whereabouts. A solution that offers live tracking of the domestic help, solves the dilemma.

Order delivery status

The un-traceable status of the delivery courier is another problem area. Moreover, a serious challenge arises when the host is away and the package arrives without a pre-approval. If a pre-approval or a drop-off system was in place, this problem wouldn’t arise.

Notice boards

In a high-speed life of this digital era, there’s no time to stop and look at a notice board. People expect regular alerts of what’s happening around them, but at their smartphones. Subsequently, without a solution to this problem, they miss out on a lot of important announcements and activities around them.

Unwanted visitors

The nuisance and disturbance created by unannounced visitors is a hassle for the residents. However, if a system is in place that announces the arrival of a guest will prove to be a major problem solver. The system that seeks the host’s permission before letting anyone in creates a fool-proof security layer that keeps intruders away.

Hassles of Visitors

Manual entries

When visiting a society, a person has to go through a series of verification and security checks, again and again. All of this is for the security of the residents but is posed as a challenge to the visitor. But a VMS reduces the waiting period at the gate to a minimal. A digital record-keeping facility and a feature allowing pre-approval through the VMS is efficient enough to accomplish that.

Repeat registrations

For frequent visitors, like friends, family, and couriers, it’s a struggle to manually enter and register every time they visit the society. The struggle to get approval by the host in time and then getting stuck at the gate doing manual entries takes up a lot of time. A cloud database that stores all visitor date will save a lot of time.

Hassles of Management

Visitor logs

The conventional method of manual entries slows down every process in this digital era. And collating the information, tracking it, and maintaining the record is another setback for the management. The space that these records occupy and the time it consumes to access them can be minimized. All of this is achievable with the digital record-keeping feature of a visitor management system. In short, the connectivity and the user-friendly accessibility of a system is the need of the hour.

Data security

Management handling visitor information, frequently face a serious security threat of the loss of private data to the wrong hands. The sensitive data can fall prey to online phishing attacks and cause serious trouble. Therefore, deploying a system storing the visitor records securely on the cloud, to curb these threats, a VMS poses great help.

Society management

Running and managing a society has its share of problems and hassles. From managing the staff to the maintenance of log, reports, and communicating, handling residents’ grievances is a task. But, working with a solution that aids in handling the tasks within a platform proves to be of great help.

Unwanted intruders/trespassers

When a society does not verify every visitor, it can raise security concerns for the residents. A solution to this problem is adding a visitor management system that verifies every visitor and creates a database profile. Certainly, this adds another layer of security, reducing the risks factor to zero.

Ineffective communication channels

Handling the communication between the residents and the management can be tricky without a proper platform. The traditional notice boards are no longer effective in communicating as people don’t have the time to read them. As a result, important events and happenings get missed. With a digital solution that alerts the residents on their smartphones is the way to go and grow.

The Takeaway

Modern times require a security system that encompasses every challenge that is associated with it. The complicated security of the housing and the commercial complexes need a foolproof security system in place. This solution also verifies every visitor and keeps a track of them, minimizes the security threats. Not just the security, a VMS also handles other tasks of premise management. In this scenario, a visitor management solution like BeepnVisit is the right choice.

Beep Visitor Management System

Beep Visitor Management System assists in tracking, managing visitors, daily visits, and securing the premise with a reliable system. We provide you with software that verifies every visit with Aadhaar authentication and leaves nothing to chance. In addition, Beep maintains a cloud database record for safekeeping and future purposes and creates a smooth entry and exit system.

There cannot be any loopholes when it comes to the security of your loved ones! Secure your premise with the seamlessly effective solution BeepnVisit, and sit back and relax.

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