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To log-in to the portal, you need to get registered. Once you are, follow the below mentioned steps:
I. Open the Premise Admin Portal.
II. Enter your registered Email ID and password.
III. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

All log is a feature of premise admin portal from where the premise admins can view visitors logs of their society. From this section they can see:
▪ Today’s Logs
▪ Walk-In Logs
▪ Frequent Logs
▪ Member Logs
▪ Gatekeeper Logs

Frequent guest management is a feature which allows premise admin to manage resident as well society admins frequent guest. Premise Admin can add, view, or delete a frequent guest.

Premise admin portal is a web-based portal for Premise admins to manage and oversee visits and security in their society. It’s a web portal from where they can exercise their Premise admin roles.

With the help of this app a user can invite guest for smooth entry in the society and even send visit requests to enter their host society without any hindrance, in addition to this user will get all society related updates without any delay.

While setting up the password, you will get next screen to enter the Aadhar details to verify your identity.

To send an invitation, you need to click on ‘+’ icon from the home page and perform the following steps:
a) Click on ‘Send Invite’ button
b) Type the Guest name or you can click on ‘Contacts’ tab to search for the guest
c) Enter or Select the Guest name
d) Click on Continue

Vacation mode allows host users to notify their visitors for their unavailability at the premise. When user go on vacation or out from the particular premises for a long/short period of time then they can turn on ‘Vacation mode’.

To view all visit requests, click on ‘My Visit’ tab from the dashboard and go to the ‘Requested’ tab. You will see all Visit requests.

To add a new frequent guest, click on ‘Frequent Guest’ tab from the main menu and follow the below mentioned steps:
a) Click on ‘Add’ button icon with ‘My frequent’ and Visit’
b) Once you click there, you will see all the information to fill guest details.
c) Fill all the details and click on add to save details.


BeepAgantuk is a comprehensive visitor management system and a brilliant solution, that caters to a broad range of premises and their security needs. It ensures an extra layer of security over the premises with a unique and unmatched feature like Aadhaar-authentication of visitors, mandatory to gain access, while aiding the administration to have total control over their premises.

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