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Enhanced Security with Society Management System

Terrifying incidents fill the news bulletins every other day and newspaper headlines shout of petrifying…

26 Feb 2021
Vitalize Gated Societies with Innovative Visitor Management System

In recent times, the walled version of a real estate; the gated communities are in…

22 Jan 2021
Need of Visitor Management System (VMS) – 3 Dilemmas, One Solution

Living in a digital world and having outdated processes around you is a passé. Technology…

20 Dec 2020

Seamless & Secure
Visitor Management System

With the rise of gated communities, the way to answer the door is transforming. By using digital solutions to manage visitors, today premises are reaping benefits of a more secure, more sustainable & more cost-e­ffective premises. Download this whitepaper to get insights on the rise of gated communities, security concerns in gated communities and how implementing a smart Visitor Management System comes to the rescue. We have explored the reasons for digitizing visitor management and a few mandatory features one must consider in the VMS to better support their on-site safety and security capabilities.


Future-Proof Housing With VMS

The creation of a secure, safer, more connected and efficient housing using the available technology is exceedingly achievable. However, to abundantly benefit from the potential of new solutions, there’s a need to contemplate how technological innovation can assist future goals, such as better managed housing, better understanding of residents’ well-being, security and a more motivated staff.

This white paper looks at some of the key aspects of housing, present and prospective, and examines how the digital technology should develop into the new imperative for the housing sector. Here we focus on some key trends that are in prospect and some points that determine the overall livelihood in these housing societies, and how technology can enhance them with its proper adoption and implementation.


Beep Agantuk: Visitor Management Made Smarter

Manage your visitors effortlessly and reinforce security within yor premises with aadhar-aunthenticaated visitor management solution by Beep, for a seamless and convenient experience at your tips.

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