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Society Management System: Creating Convenience for Societies

The fundamental objective of any Visitor Management framework is to accurately process and track visitors. The catalyst might differ from site to site yet the binding principle, in any case, is the same. Finding a way for the management and ensuring security by confining access will do the trick.

When deploying a Visitor Management framework, it makes sense that you realize what you’re getting. Therefore, to achieve extra security and readily track who’s on your premises, deploying a VMS will help. But that isn’t all!

Besides giving premises a method to track one’s location at any time, a Visitor Management System gives some additional advantages.

Security has been on the highest priority on need rundown of every housing society nowadays. Be it a school, hospital, residential complex or a corporate hub, the need to manage and screen guests is rudimentary. The conventional methods of recording details, for example, filling in the details in manual entry books existed for long, yet they are not totally efficient. Alongside security, comes ease for both the residents and the administration, in terms of simple registration and premise management.

Benefits of a Society Management System

Security has been on the highest priority on need rundown of every housing society nowadays. Therefore, be it a school, hospital, residential complex, or a corporate hub, the need to manage and screen guests is rudimentary. The conventional methods of recording details like, manual entries in logbooks existed for long, yet they are not efficient. Alongside security, comes comfort for both the residents and the administration, in terms of simple registration and premise management.

A developing trend among the residents living in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities hints towards a growing preference for gated communities over single housing. The reason behind this lies in the security offered by the gated communities. However, in reality, a lot of these have been in a woeful situation. The needs of the modern-day resident require features that create convenience with its use. An efficient Society Management System impeccably demonstrates how technology can assist in better management of a residential complex. It also increases the ease factor for every member of the society and the visitors too.

Housing complexes these days utilize a system that keeps a check on their security. Furthermore, the system of great assistance in managing the premise and its staff too. In other words, a Visitor Management System is a significant help in freeing up a substantial amount of time of staff, money, and efforts. Routine administration and streamlined record-keeping of society data in real-time with VMS can help achieve the desired results. Certainly, the convenience and benefits that a VMS provides have proven to be of great advantage to the real estate industry.

Let’s look at some of these benefits:

Convenience for Residents

Convenience for Residents

  • Pre-approved Visitor Entry

    The host is enabled with pre-authorizing the visit. With this feature, when a guest arrives, there’s no hassle or the need to follow up with the gatekeeper. The convenience with this feature is extended to the visitors and the gatekeepers too. Consequently, the time involved in completing the formalities and the follow-ups are next to zero.

  • Single Portal for Grievance Handling

    Having a closed in-house grievance handling system within the app enables the residents to escalate their grievances to the management. The zero-hassle solution solves their issues on a timely basis. The management is notified through this about any issues faced by the residents and follow-ups easily, enabling seamless interaction. Creating a lot of ease for the residents, the issues are handled in a time-bound manner and efficiently.

  • Single Announcement Board

    Instant information about important announcements and that too when you’re on the go, there’s nothing better than that. The digital push notifications on the app notify the host about the guest’s arrival. But, is not limited to just that. It also informs the members about various events and activities within the society. With the pop-ups, a resident never misses out on any events or happenings, big or small.

  • Pre-approved Deliveries

    Missing the delivery guy or failed delivery attempts are highly inconvenient if not irritating. With an enabled vacation mode, the host allows the gatekeeper to accept the packages on behalf of their behalf. As a result, these pre-approvals save time, money and, eliminate any headache of following up for the missed deliveries.

Convenience for Visitors

Convenience for Visitors

  • Pre-approved Check-in

    The hassle-free walk in through the gates is a great relief for the visitors. This feature allows them to get approvals beforehand and skip the formalities at the gate. Certainly, this saves up a lot of time for them and reduces unnecessary annoyances.

  • One Time Visitor Registration

    Guests that frequently visits the society have to go through a lot of trouble with registration formalities, on every visit. This feature saves their data post-registration, eliminating the need for refilling the details on the next visit.

  • Automated Entry

    The conventional pen and register entry at the gate are a thing of the past. The tech-savvy world is looking for automation in everything, including the manual entries at the gate. Getting rid of the traditional register has freed up a significant amount of space and time. Consequently, the processes get simpler and easier at the same time.

  • Data Access Encryption

    One of the biggest concerns that come with personal data stored digitally, is the security. So, when an individual’s data is entered, there’s an unavoidable threat of phishing. But, with an encrypted system that secures the data on the cloud there’s nothing to worry about.

Convenience for Society Management

Convenience for Society Management

  • Residents, Members & Security Personnel Management

    Managing visitors and visitor data isn’t the only task at hand for the society management. Managing the staff allocated within the society, members, and the security personnel also takes a lot of time and effort. However, these management tasks get simpler and easier with a visitor management system.

  • Property Management

    Premise surveillance and space management are two important tasks for the administration. The seamless two-way communication enabled, in addition to the easy operations, makes the life of an admin easy.

  • Data Management

    The heaps of data that clutters the admin desk takes up huge efforts and time to sort and manage. To de-cluttering their desk and minimizing the stress levels, managers are getting a proper digital system that helps them in record and database management.

  • Announcement Board and Chat Platform

    Staying in touch with the society members, handling and resolving requests and grievances get simpler with an inclusive platform. Communicating actively and increasing social attendance gets swifter with this feature.

The Takeaway

To sum up, the need of a visitor management system that encompassing all the aspects is now more than ever. An efficient VMS should cover security, visitor tracking, premise and parking management and communication. It’s about time that societies adopt a VMS and replace the old processes with quick and competent technology-driven operations.