Vitalize Gated Societies with Innovative Visitor Management System

22 Jan 2021

In recent times, the walled version of a real estate; the gated communities are in great rising demand. A Gated community is a well-planned housing property, with a well-controlled and protected environment. Within the millennial generation, this type of housing plan is a promising option with the type of lifestyle, environment, and luxury it offers. But with great luxury comes great accountability. The walled societies require an even more sophisticated security system; just like a modern visitor management system.

The exceedingly popular gated community living is fast replacing the conventional real estate. The idea of a safe and secure lifestyle is luring more and more people towards it.

Life in a gated community has its own set of pros and cons. But for the smooth running of the social security and resolution of society maintenance issues, implementation of a digital solution is necessary. Let’s discuss some of the most common problems faced by society and people living in a gated community go through on a daily basis.

Problems faced by societies without a Visitor Management System:


When looking for a new property, people usually look for a place that has closer proximity to the nearby market and local public amenities. But, most gated communities are often located at inaccessible locations. Being located at the outlying areas with limited facilities available nearby, people living in these communities find it challenging to commute to long distances. The lack of availability of public transport means that they have to necessarily own a vehicle and drive out for offices, markets, and other facilities. Some of the amenities may be available within the gates of the community but they have to travel distances for work and other social activities.

Expensive Housing

Developers that are less flexible with their prices build gated properties. Therefore, the housing has a higher value as compared to the typical neighborhood. The price is inclusive of all the extravagant things within the walls, like the golf courses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

The expensive homes and the lavish facilities might become positive if one’s financial status makes them capable to afford it all.


The biggest concern of home owners is their security. When buying a house in a gated community, people generally have an idea of the community being a safe option. It is seen that the crime rate in gated communities is no less than that of a traditional housing society. The reasons for thefts and crimes in these communities can be numerous. The illusion of the high walls and iron gates tends people to put their guard down which makes them vulnerable to theft and other crimes. The conventional security and maintenance methods are prone to failure. They can be easily manipulated and tampered; therefore, the gated communities need a foolproof technology for keeping people safe within the walls. An upgraded and innovative housing society security system will definitely prove to be an effective solution for security issues.

Maintenance & Restrictions

Luxury apartment houses within the walls of gated communities are associated with a high cost of living. This additional cost of living includes higher property taxes, maintenance of the outdoors, aesthetics, pools, gymnasiums, etc. and to add to it, you may also need to pay the homeowner’s association/membership fees.

Also, house owners are restricted to the rules and regulations of the community pertaining to making structural changes to the property, limited car parking space, and being forced to maintain the set standards by the community. The rules of a gated community can be stringent, but people find them negotiable and accept it as a part of the luxury and lifestyle that comes with it. The availability of round the clock services comes at a price but it’s all worth the peace of mind. Residential society management software seems to be a perfect solution for all maintenance and admin woes, and it comes with substantially reduced society maintenance charges.


Being monitored at all times of the day might help regulate the crime rate but gets very uncomfortable for the people living inside the gated community. Having a guard around 24/7, monitoring each and every visitor and activity gives a sense of privacy lost. Also, relatives and visitors waiting for approval at the entry gate without a proper security and management system can get really frustrating for the homeowner as well as the visitor. The condition worsens during a holiday or a festival, when long queues of visitors’ line up for security check-in at the gate and need to fill in their details in the traditional registers to get through the premises.

Visitor management software is required to make things easier and comfortable in such a situation. Not only will it provide a well-managed digital log of visitors but also verify their identification, making the overall process safe and secure.


Gated communities may have all the amenities present inside the walls but they tend to isolate the residents from the rest of the World. In social terms, the gates and walls of the apartment building separate the residents from the surrounding area, making them detached and confined. The outside appearance of a calm and peaceful environment might actually be because of the exclusivity and isolation.

Summing Up

Hence, there may be some downsides of living in a gated community, but it’s a no brainer that the benefits totally outweigh them. Gated communities can fulfill the needs and desires for a luxurious lifestyle, but a reliable security system is the inflexible need of the hour. A visitor monitoring software will help streamline the visitor management process and ensure a much needed layer of security to the gated communities.

BeepnVisit’s sophisticated housing society security system encompasses every security and maintenance related need of a gated society. By creating a better and reliable environment for residents and automating every management process, Beep makes way for futuristic and modern housing societies. To find out more, write to us at or call us at +91-9879948000

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and securityJodi Rell

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